Internet Explorer Won't Let Me Download Anything

After the FixMeStick removes malicious files, sometimes these files may have affected the way some of your web browsers work. Therefore, once they have been removed you start to experience the after affects of it's removal.

The most common issue, users have been seeing the message  "File XXX contained a virus and was deleted."


This can be easily fixed by following these steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer and then click on the Gear Icon found at the right hand side of the window.



2. Click on "Internet Options", once the drop-down list appears.



3. Click on the "Advanced" tab, once the Internet Options Windows opens.



4. Click on the "Reset" Button at the bottom of the window.



5. Click onto the "Reset" button once the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window opens.

NOTE. It is best to check the "Delete personal settings" button but it will delete all your Favorites, Homepage and History. If you would like to keep them then do not check this box and just click on the Reset button.



6. Once Resetting is complete click on the "Close" button.



7. Restart your computer. 

For changes to take affect it is important for you to restart your computer. After that your browser should be back to normal and you can download files again.



If the suggested solution above did not solve your issue, please submit a ticket and one of our support engineers will gladly help you and fix this problem for you.

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    JoAnne Eadie

    I think I understand how to do that but with all the big pictures, I can't print it and I don't think I can remember that many directions in order. Is there directions that are just print - Step 1 2 3 etc

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