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Enabling BitLocker Drive Encryption

In order to run a successful FixMeStick scan you will need to disable BitLocker Drive Encryption. Once the FixMeStick scan is complete we recommend re-enabling the encryption to make certain that your computer is as safe as possible. Here are some instructions for re-enabling that protection: 


1. Identify the drive on which you would like to enable BitLocker and click on "Turn on BitLocker".


2.  A window will appear and prompt you to "Choose how to unlock your drive at startup". 


3. If you have created a password for your BitLocker, select "Enter your password" and input your password. 


4. If you have not created a password, plug a blank USB drive into your USB port and select "Insert a USB Flash Drive". 


5. You will be prompted to select how you want to back up your recovery key. Select either "save to your Microsoft account", "save to a USB", "save to a file", or "print your recovery key". 


6. After backing up your recovery key you will be asked to select how much of the drive you want to encrypt. You can choose to encrypt the entire drive (recommended for slow, older PCs) or only the used disk space (recommended for newer PCs). 


7. You will be prompted to encrypt the drive. The encryption process can take several hours and you can use your PC while it is happening. The PC will need to be restarted once the process is complete. 


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