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Encryption and FixMeStick

Some users will see a message that the FixMeStick cannot run due to Bitlocker encryption. Bitlocker is Windows' built-in file encryption program, and we were previously incompatible with it. We have since updated our software to support Bitlocker-encrypted computers running Windows 8, 8.1, and 10

If you are seeing a message that the FixMeStick cannot run due to Bitlocker encryption, you simply need to factory upgrade your FixMeStick by following these instructions.

Other than Bitlocker, FixMeSticks are currently incompatible with computers that are using an encryption program. Encryption is a security mechanism that protects your computer files and information from being read or stolen by converting it into unreadable code that requires a password to unlock. It essentially is used to prevent unauthorized access to data. 

Some common encryption programs include:

  • TrueCrypt
  • VeraCrypt
  • DiskCryptor
  • Ciphershed
  • LUKS
  • FileVault (Mac OS) 

A major indication that your hard drive is encrypted is if the FixMeStick scan completed in a fraction of the time it is supposed to, and scans 0 or only a portion of your files. What's happening here is that the FixMeStick software does not have the proper password(s) to unlock your hard drive and read the files. 

In these cases, the only solution for running a full scan is to decrypt your hard drive - i.e. temporarily turn off the encryption program that you use before running a scan, and then re-enabling it once the scan is finished. 

For more information on FileVault encryption, see here


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