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FileVault Encryption

Some users will see an error message once they launch a scan on their Apple computer that the FixMeStick is unable to scan drives that are encrypted with FileVault. 

Sometimes the user will not get the FileVault error message in the scan, but another major indication that the hard drive is encrypted is if the FixMeStick scan completed in a fraction of the time it is supposed to, and scans 0 or only a portion of the total files on the computer. What's happening here is that the FixMeStick software cannot unlock your hard drive and read the files because they are password-protected by the FileVault encryption program.

Unfortunately, FixMeStick is not currently compatible with FileVault encryption. However, it is possible to temporarily disable FileVault and decrypt your hard drive in order to run a FixMeStick scan. 

Decrypting your hard drive can take up to a few days, but the computer is able to be used during this time. After FileVault is successfully disabled, then the FixMeStick scan will run successfully.

To turn off FileVault, follow these instructions. 

1) Click on System Preferences in the Dock.


2) Click on Security and Privacy. 


3) Click on the FileVault tab.


4) Click the lock button, and then enter the administrator name and password.


5) Click Turn off FileVault. 


6) After the drive has been decrypted, restart the computer. 

After FileVault has been disabled, you can run your FixMeStick scan normally. 

To re-enable FileVault after you have completed a scan, you can follow the instructions here


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