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How to start the FixMeStick from Windows


Have a Mac? Follow the steps listed here instead.

Follow these steps to start FixMeStick:

Step 1: While Windows is running, insert the FixMeStick into a PC USB slot (if you are using a desktop computer, plug the FixMeStick into a USB port on the back of the computer tower).

Step 2: Click on "File Explorer" or go to "Computer" in the start menu.




Step 3: The computer window will open, then search for the FixMeStick drive found on the panel on the left hand side and click on it.

Note: Is your FixMeStick application not showing up in your Computer or File Explorer? You will need to restore the application back onto your USB by following the instructions here

Step 4: Double-click the file "FixMeStick" 

Step 5: The FixMeStick window will now open. Click on "Reboot and Start FixMeStick."

Step 6: The FixMeStick should now begin to run.

Step 7: Once the FixMeStick begins, allow the FixMeStick to check for updates. Once it finishes checking, your scan will begin. The scanning process may take several hours or longer depending on the number of files on your computer.

Step 8: After the scan is complete, the FixMeStick will prompt you to clean any found infections. Once you clean any infections, you will then simply exit FixMeStick, turn off your computer, remove the stick, and then start your cleaned computer!


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