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What if my programs do not work after using FixMeStick?

Some malware attaches itself to integral system files or trusted programs. When FixMeStick quarantines all the malware, the clean-up process can affect, in rare cases, some of the safe programs on the computer.

If this happens, don't worry! The FixMeStick's clean-up process is 100% reversible. Here's how to undo a FixMeStick quarantine:

1. Plug the FixMeStick into a USB port and run the program.

2. After your PC reboots and FixMeStick starts, click "Undo Quarantine - to restore original files."

3. Next, locate the scan that caused a problem on the PC (usually this will be the most recent scan and will be at the top of the list), and click the "Undo" button.


4. Click "Exit FixMeStick" and then restart your computer.

This will restore any files removed during the clean up process, including the malware. After confirming that the previous functionality of your computer has been restored, we recommend running FixMeStick again to remove any malware. The initial scan might have used outdated definitions and misidentified a safe program as a threat. The second scan will use the most recent definitions and might not midsidentify the program.

If your computer still loses functionality or some programs break after scanning your computer again, please contact customer support at

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