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How to Factory Upgrade your FixMeStick on a PC

*If you need to perform a Factory Upgrade for Mac, click here.

The Factory Upgrade re-images your FixMeStick with the latest version of its software.

When do I need to Factory Upgrade?

1. Your FixMeStick no longer works correctly.

2. Your FixMeStick fails to update itself automatically. 

3. Your FixMeStick quits unexpectedly at "updating malware definitions."

4. Your FixMeStick is freezing in the scan.

How to Factory Upgrade your FixMeStick

Step 1. If the FixMeStick is running, power off your PC, remove your FixMeStick, and power your PC back on to return to Windows. Plug your FixMeStick back in.  

Step 2. Run the FixMeStick application (Left click on FixMeStick USB, and then Double left click on FixMeStick).


Step 3. Click on the Settings link at the top right hand corner of the window.

Step 4. Click on the "Factory Upgrade" button.

Step 5. Once you click on the "Factory Upgrade" button your FixMeStick will proceed to download the latest version and then begin to re-image your FixMeStick.

Step 6. Once the re-imaging stage is complete, your FixMeStick is now ready to use. You can click on "Reboot and Start FixMeStick" again to get the scan started.

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