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How to start the FixMeStick when the computer can't boot USB devices or launch FixMeStick.exe

Some very old computers cannot boot directly from USB sticks. In most cases, this is not a problem for FixMeStick because it configures your computer to boot properly when you double click FixMeStick.exe. If you have a very old computer and you can't start Windows, or can't run FixMeStick.exe for some reason, then you can use the Plop Boot Manager from a CD or DVD to get your FixMeStick running.

Starting the FixMeStick with Plop Boot Manager

What you'll need to start the FixMeStick:

1. A computer with internet access and a CD/DVD burner (this can be a different computer than the one on which you're trying to run FixMeStick).
2. A Blank CD or DVD.

Step 1: Download and create a Plop Boot Manager CD

1. Download the Plop Boot Manager zip folder. When you download the folder, remember to move it to your Desktop and unzip the folder.

2. Download Express Burn Free for Windows and install it. This software will create the bootable CD.

3. You can now insert your blank DVD/CD in your CD burner.

4. Start the Express Burn program.

5. Click on Cancel in the first window.

6. Then select the ISO tab.

7. Click on the big Write ISO button.

8.Then browse to the Plop Boot Manager folder, and then double click the plpbt.iso file.
9. Be sure to change the write speed to the slowest (e.g., 1x) to ensure there will be no errors in the disk creation process.
10. Then select Burn. The disc creation process will now start and should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

Step 2: Starting the Plop Boot Manager from the CD

This will be exactly the same way as starting your FixMeStick the advanced way but instead selecting the CD/DVD option.

1. Insert both the Plop Boot Manager CD that you made and the FixMeStick into the computer.

2. Turn OFF your computer. Next please locate the F12 button on your keyboard before turning on your computer. F12 is normally positioned on the top row of the keyboard. 


3. Turn ON your PC and continuously tap F12  until the BOOT MENU pops up. F12 may not be your boot menu key. Here is a link that will help you out.

4. On the BOOT MENU you should see the option CD/DVD-ROM Drive.

5. With your keyboard locate the DOWN arrow key and the ENTER key. Press the DOWN key until you reach CD/DVD-ROM Drive and it is HIGHLIGHTED and then press on ENTER.


6. The Plop Boot Manager should now begin. Move down to the USB option using your arrow keys. Once USB is highlighted hit ENTER.

5. The FixMeStick should now begin to run.


6. Once the FixMeStick begins, let it download all the updates and then your scan will begin. The scan may take several hours or more depending on the number of files on your computer.

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