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How to Factory Upgrade your FixMeStick for Mac

The Factory Upgrade re-images your FixMeStick and ensures your FixMeStick has all of the latest software updates. It is as if you had just taken your FixMeStick out of the box.

*If you need to perform a Factory Upgrade for PC, click here.

When do I need to Factory Upgrade?

Step 1. Your FixMeStick was working and all of a sudden it does not work (Note: Before using the Factory upgrade try again and if the problem persists then proceed to factory upgrade).

Step 2. Your FixMeStick keeps failing to update.

Step 3. New features have been released for your FixMeStick.

How to Factory Upgrade your FixMeStick

Step 1. Plug in your FixMestick 

Step 2. Click on this link to download the factory upgrader:

Step 3. Open the downloaded file FixMeStickFactoryUpgrade.dmg 

Step 4. Double click on "FixMeStickFactoryUpgrade"*

Step 5. It will proceed to run. This can take several minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection. Once it is complete, click on "Quit" and then try running your FixMeStick again.



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