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Error message: "C:\Users...\Conduit \BackgroundContainer\BackgroundContainer.dll The Specified module could not be found."

Do you see this message after using the FixMeStick?

Here is how to stop the message from popping up.

Step 1: Open the Registry Editor 

Type regedit in the start menu and then hit ENTER on your keyboard.


Step 2: Search for BackgroundContainer.dll

To search for BackgroundContainer.dll in the registory editor window, you need to press the buttons CTRL+F on your keyboard to open a search box. 

After that type in BackgroundContainer (exactly as shown!) and click on "Find Next."

Step 3: Delete the BackgroundContainer value in the Run Key

Note: You might not find the same value at first as the screenshot below. Press the F3 button and that will search for the next occurence of Background Container. Keep pressing F3 until you find that same value below.

Right click on "BackgroundContainer" and then click on delete.

Step 4: Delete "Background Container Startup task" key

Keep pressing on the F3 button to toggle through and search for the next occurrence of BaackgroundContainer. Once you find the key below ("BackgroundContainer Startup Task"), right click on the key and click on delete.

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