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Using FixMeStick on a computer with Bitlocker Drive Encryption

If your PC uses BitLocker Drive Encryption, the FixMeStick will not be able to read your hard drive and scan for viruses. In order to run a successful FixMeStick scan you will need to disable the BitLocker encryption, here's how to temporarily disable it: 


1. Open your Control Panel and navigate to the BitLocker Drive Encryption option. From there you can identify the encrypted drive: 


2. Open this drive to reveal the option to unlock and click on "Unlock Drive": 



3. You will be prompted to put in the password you used to set up your BitLocker account when you first installed the program. Then click on "Unlock" to begin the decryption process: 


4. From there you can exit the BitLocker program. The decryption of your drive will usually take a few hours. Once the drive has been decrypted you can proceed with your FixMeStick scan. Here is some getting started information.


We recommend re-enabling the drive encryption at the end of your scan to ensure protection of your computer. 


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