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Questions about the FixMeStick Quarantine?


What if my FixMeStick stops working?

The FixMeStick comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and if your FixMeStick stops working at any point within that warranty we can replace your stick for free.

Do I need to keep my FixMeStick plugged in all the time?

No - Unlike an anti-virus program, your FixMeStick is only running during scans. The FixMeStick doesn't download any software onto your computer so it cannot run a scan unless you initiate one; this also means that the FixMeStick can't slow down your computer by loading any new programs onto it. Plug in your FixMeStick to scan the computer and unplug it when you are done!

Can I resubscribe to FixMeStick or upgrade to a PRO stick?

Yes - you can recharge your stick at the end of your subscription or upgrade to an unlimited stick by contacting our customer support team! It costs $54.99 per year to renew your FixMeStick annual subscription, and $249.99 to upgrade your stick to a PRO version. The renewal cost for the PRO is $294.99. When your subscription has expired, you'll be prompted at the beginning of your next scan to renew online.

Will a FixMeStick conflict with the anti-virus software I already have installed?

No - the FixMeStick will be the only program running on your PC. It doesn’t install anything to your PC which means that it’s impossible for it to conflict with programs already on your computer.

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